Inner Renovations Project

Regain Control of Your Attention

Let’s be honest.  Within the past few years our attention has been pulled in so many different directions that sometimes we don’t know which way is up.  Our senses have been overwhelmed, nervous systems have been overstimulated, and minds have been overthinking.  If you can relate to that, you know it is time to gather and ground yourself to make sure you don’t crumble under the weight of circumstances that have been beyond your control.  

Focus on what you can control.  

  • You can control where you DIRECT YOUR ATTENTION
  • You can control how long to SUSTAIN YOUR ATTENTION
  • and you can control when to SHIFT YOUR ATTENTION

Recognize this executive brain function as a super power you possess that can help you restore balance, replenish your energy, and achieve your goals.

Focus on what you CAN control: Directing, Sustaining, and Shifting your attention.

DIRECTING YOUR ATTENTION.  `Many things demand our attention, but that doesn’t mean we have to respond to every bell that rings and voice that whistles.  In fact, you don’t even have to give your attention to every thought or emotion that arises.  You can be aware of it, yet decide your attention is best directed elsewhere – maybe on what you are doing in the moment, or perhaps on more productive thoughts.  You choose.  Realistically, you recognize there is only so much you can do at a time anyway.  Yet, you ponder, pontificate, and contemplate on many things simultaneously and one after the other, leaving you feeling like you’ve just been in a triathlon with no trophy at the end.  You’ve jumped enough hurdles, swam enough miles, and biked enough hills to have now earned the right to choose what you direct your attention to next.  Blood, sweat, and tears, you have at least earned the right to prioritize.  The Inner Renovations Body Scan Meditation gives you practice directing your attention at will.

SUSTAINING YOUR ATTENTION.  You may have noticed the increased number of adults impacted by ADHD.  A condition previously attributed mostly with younger generations is increasingly impacting the adult population who find themselves trying to navigate issues of attention-deficit while also having to manage responsibilities, stay gainfully employed, continue education, be well in relationships, and all things adulting.  We can speculate it’s related to our brains being conditioned to consume stories in our feeds for only seconds before it’s on to the next. We can theorize it is the result of a society wired to seek the most recent trends which change with every screen refresh. Perhaps the capitalistic roots are taking their toll and we don’t know how to stay mindful and present when we are incessantly seeking bigger, better, and best just to feel good enough. Whatever the theory, many people have trouble sustaining attention on even those thing they deem important and recognize can contribute to their health, happiness, and wholeness.  Have you ever asked yourself the question, “if I know this will help me, why can’t I just follow through with it?” The Inner Renovations Body Scan Meditation can help you develop skills to sustain your attention as needed.

SHIFTING YOUR ATTENTION.  If you’ve ever stayed in a situation long enough to regret it, then you understand the value of shifting your attention away from things in a timely manner.  Shifting your attention is a power move that allows you to honor your time and energy in preparation to redirect onto those things you’ve identified are most important to you in the moment.  It is different from when the mind is feeling squirrely and jumping at every acorn that falls from a tree blowing in the wind.  This executive function involves making a conscious decision that you have given something enough of your time, energy, and attention and that it is time to make a shift.

You’d be surprised how much more effectively and efficiently you are able to navigate larger issues by controlling more subtle aspects of your personal experience such as your attention and your breathing.

It is true there are many things in life that are beyond your personal control.  That makes it even more important that you embrace controlling the things you can.  You can’t control other people, world events, nature, or the unknown.  But you can control your breathing and attention.  You’d be surprised how much more effectively and efficiently you are able to navigate larger issues by controlling more subtle aspects of your personal experience such as your attention and your breathing.  The Inner Renovations Body Scan Meditation is great practice for Directing, Sustaining, and Shifting Your Attention.  Practice daily to gather the tools and develop the skills for your inside job.

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