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3 Main Components of the Inner Renovations Project

Your Personal Inner Renovations Project consists of 3 areas to be explored in any order. On your journey to being able to navigate life’s challenges in healthier ways and to tend to the WHOLE YOU, these 3 areas of your project are designed to help you address the different aspects of the inner you and your life experiences along the way.  

They include:

  1. Do It Yourself Coping Skills so you have your own toolbox of skills that keeps you happy, healthy, and whole.
  2. Blueprint for Wellbeing so that you can tend to major areas of your life that require your attention. Includes meditations, journaling activities and articles that help you identify values and live in alignment with them.
  3. Kingdom of Heaven Within involves mindfulness practices and yoga to connect with the peace, love, and balance that already exists within you. Focus on nourishment of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

DIY Coping Skills

Get a toolbox of skills to regulate emotions, respond better to stress, live mindfully, with less social anxiety. Learn to cope safely with challenges. DBT Skills Training and other resources included.

Blueprint for Wellbeing

You are multidimensional with different areas of your life to keep balanced. Learn to get your needs met, and give attention to your Whole Self.

Blueprint for Wellbeing - Inner Renovations

Kingdom of Heaven Within

Yoga is the union of mind, body, and spirit. See yourself from a divine perspective to connect with the peace, love, and balance already within you.

If you have questions about the Inner Renovations Project and would like to be contacted with more information about how to start your own journey, contact Chanel at 980-888-8284 or request info via the contact form.

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