Inner Renovations Project

Be. Here. Now.

You are due a cleanse. We all are. There has been the consumption and over-consumption of information, goods, relationships, anguish and other emotions - and we just may be headed toward more of the same. That is, of course, unless we are intentional about slowing down the trains of thought, the chains of emotion, to… Continue reading Be. Here. Now.

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Connect with a Peaceful Moment in Time

Think about a time in your life where everything was okay. Engage all of your senses to remember the way it looked, smelled, felt and sounded. Say to yourself "I am okay in this moment. Peace and joy are within me."

Inner Renovations Project

You are Worth Your Love Today The world has a way of making us question our worth sometimes. From images portrayed in the media, to things people may have said to you early in life, and ways you've been treated - all of those things can have an impact on the way you feel about and view yourself. You have… Continue reading You are Worth Your Love Today

Inner Renovations Project

Form a New Relationship with your Mind and Body

You may have noticed change in many areas of your life. Living on planet Earth over the past year or two may have shifted your perceptions and beliefs in one way or another. It can be helpful to explore the validity of certain deeply held beliefs to determine if they still fit who you are… Continue reading Form a New Relationship with your Mind and Body

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S.T.O.P. for a Moment of Mindfulness

It doesn’t always happen easily - having a moment of peace. There are often so many things to take care of at once that it’s difficult to consider where on the calendar to schedule self-care, let alone a sacred moment to really rejuvenate, regroup and reconnect. This is why it may be necessary to intentionally S.T.O.P. so that you can create mindfulness moments within the day. You can use this skill to bring heart, mind, and spirit together and to interrupt overwhelming mental processes.

Inner Renovations Project

Skill-Building Worksheets

Photo by cottonbro on Use these worksheets to support the work that you are doing in session. By practicing your skills and completing exercises between sessions, you increase the likelihood of healthier thinking and behaviors coming more naturally. Journal and Replace Self-Defeating Thoughts Goals of Exercise: Identify negative, distorted cognitions that mediate intense negative… Continue reading Skill-Building Worksheets