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Connect with a Peaceful Moment in Time

Think about a time in your life where everything was okay. Engage all of your senses to remember the way it looked, smelled, felt and sounded. Say to yourself "I am okay in this moment. Peace and joy are within me."

Inner Renovations Project

Skill-Building Worksheets

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com Use these worksheets to support the work that you are doing in session. By practicing your skills and completing exercises between sessions, you increase the likelihood of healthier thinking and behaviors coming more naturally. Journal and Replace Self-Defeating Thoughts Goals of Exercise: Identify negative, distorted cognitions that mediate intense negative… Continue reading Skill-Building Worksheets

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Free From the Blame Game

BLAME is an interesting tool that works two ways. On one end it can be pointed towards others to shift responsibility away from yourself. The other end can be turned on yourself to take responsibility for things that aren’t your fault.

Inner Renovations Project

Surprise, You’re Human

Nobody is perfect.  This isn't news.  Yet, when we make mistakes, we hold ourselves to the most ridiculous standards of perfection.  As if you're never supposed to feel awkward, or have an embarrassing moment, or mess up really really badly sometimes.  If people could hear the way you talk to yourself in your head, I… Continue reading Surprise, You’re Human

Inner Renovations Project

Get Up to Get Over the Blahs

I’m no cardio freak.  But there is something about going for a run (especially when I’m experiencing a depressed mood) that lifts my spirits.  I’ve decided that it’s the deep breathing and focus that comes along with it.  It’s therapeutic.  Aside from it now being evidenced-based that exercise and physical activity reduces symptoms of anxiety… Continue reading Get Up to Get Over the Blahs

Inner Renovations Project

Juice Cleanse and Detox: Mind, Spirit, and Body Refresher

It’s amazing the clarity that comes during a juice cleanse and detox. Today is the final day, and although it was a brief detox, a lot happened over the past three days. There were plenty of times that I thought I was hungry (since there is no solid food during this time). Then I realized… Continue reading Juice Cleanse and Detox: Mind, Spirit, and Body Refresher

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It was under there the whole time. I took it for dead, not looking past the wooden casing that symbolized that its work had been done, its battle had been won. But not the war. Maybe a part of me wanted it to be over, to lay it to rest. I was exhausted and so… Continue reading youth.