Inner Renovations Project

Start from where you are.

You have everything you need to accomplish everything you want. For too long we’ve lead ourselves to believe that tomorrow will bring more favorable conditions for our undertakings. The truth is, the opportunities are here now. The fruit is ripe for the picking now. The wisdom and experiences you have gained over the years can be applied now. Let’s not mislead ourselves into believing that we have to be on the next level to get to the next level. Start from where you are using what you’ve got.

Not to be dramatic, but tomorrow may never come. If there is any small step that can be taken, do that today. No need to overwhelm yourself with all that needs to be done. Just focus on what’s within your means to accomplish now. Little by little you will see things moving forward. You will feel yourself growing organically. Moving in this way keeps you from taking on more than you need to at one time. This allows you to take care of yourself while stretching yourself.

Don’t let fear and lies creep into your mind and cause you to put off what you can do today. The lies are: I’m not ready enough. I don’t have enough resources/support/money. Speak back to that: I am so ready, tried and true, I’ve overcome so much and learned so much that I feel prepared to take on the next tasks. And expect the best. The fears may be: What if I am not enough? What will others say if I fail? Do I have what it takes to see things through to the end? Speak back to those fears. Affirm: I am enough. The only way that I can fail is if I stop trying; and I never stop trying. Yes, I have what it takes to see this all the way through.

Identify your long-term goals. Then figure out what small steps can be taken in the meantime. When you finish one step, move on to the next and watch yourself build a natural momentum. Getting better along the way. Allowing yourself to be challenged, to grow, know yourself, and own your power. Your personal power and creativity, belief in yourself and in a power greater than you, ARE what you need to succeed. It is already yours. Start from where you are with what you’ve got.

Expect Great Things!


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