Inner Renovations Project

Relax. It’s in God’s Hands Anyway.

Anytime I start getting too worked up about things and worrying about how I’m going to make things work, I know that I’m relying more on myself than on God. It’s a warning sign, like my “check engine” lights have come on to tell me that I’m running hot from putting too much faith in my own abilities. It was never me in the first place making things happen. It was by God’s grace. All progress, success, anything that I attained or accomplished was by His blessing. So anything that I maintain, endure, and comes to pass will also be because He says it is so as well. Let’s not lose sight of this. I am reminding myself and reminding you to

  • Reset our vision
  • take the load off our mind
  • release the tension from our shoulders

as we feel our bodies once again relax and extend our hands to God to hand over those things we were never intended to worry about in the first place.

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