Inner Renovations Project

The Mental Growth Spurt

I’ve noticed a theme in the last few months. Nothing fits.

I’m talking: clothes, shoes, positions, ideas, reactions, beliefs, relationships and more, have become ill-fitting.

Have you ever felt this way? Like you’ve outgrown many things in your Life?

Since you’ve begun your journey to Wholeness and Self-Awareness, you may notice that your newly unclouded mind is not so easily accepting things that no longer serve you.

  • What you once believed in with all your might, you’ve begun to question.
  • The people you had a great time with, are no longer in alignment with your needs.
  • The job you once hoped you’d get, has become a main source of stress.
  • And that relationship you thought you’d die without, no longer keeps your interest.
  • If any of those things seem close to the truth for you, YOU ARE OUTGROWING THIS STAGE OF LIFE. Trying to keep things as they are now is like putting on your once roomy jeans that now fit more like leggings and laying on the bed sucking in your stomach for dear life to force the button through the hole. Sure, you’ve got them on and probably look amazing on the outside. But inside, you’re cutting off your circulation praying for the end of the day where you can finally get out of them and feel your legs again.
  • Don’t force things to fit into your life when all signs point to – You’ve outgrown it.
  • As inconvenient as it may seem to find new jeans to fit in, more positive people to be around, new positions to search for, and getting to know the new you – it’s worth it.
  • You’ve been asking for change, and so it is. A part of that desire being fulfilled and those prayers being answered, is that you now allow the change to happen.
  • There’s a huge requirement to Let Go, just as the trees in Autumn are unafraid when their leaves begin to fall. You too can trust that things you needed before, are no longer necessary for what you will do and be in this next season.
  • Prepare for the stretch of your wings that free you from the confines of your once needed cocoon. Appreciate what has been and what has served you well in past. Release yourself from people and situations that are no longer contributing to your growth. Trust that you will have everything you need and more in this new season.
  • Be grateful for the things you’ve outgrown because they are indicators of how much you are growing.
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