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S.T.O.P. for a Moment of Mindfulness

It doesn’t always happen easily – having a moment of peace. There are often so many things to take care of at once that it’s difficult to consider where on the calendar to schedule self-care, let alone a sacred moment to really rejuvenate, regroup and reconnect.

This is why it may be necessary to intentionally S.T.O.P. so that you can create mindfulness moments within the day. You can use this skill to bring heart, mind, and spirit together and to interrupt overwhelming mental processes.

Practice the following skill called S.T.O.P., to build mindfulness moments into your day:

When you notice that you have started moving quickly, heart rate has increased, and your mind is over processing information and stimuli, say to yourself in a gentle way: “STOP.” This will remind you of the helpful acronym to bring yourself back to a more mindful way of moving through the day.

(S) Stop

(T) Take a breath

(O) Observe

(P) Proceed

Stop. Using gentle inner dialogue, encourage yourself to stop for a moment. It’s worth it. You are worth it. It won’t take long, so give yourself permission to bring a temporary pause to the overthinking, over-analyzing and emotional overwhelm by suggesting to yourself that you S.T.O.P. at this time.

Take a breath. Draw your attention back into yourself with your inhale. Exhale and imagine tension leaving your body. Take as many breaths as you want as you start to feel more centered and grounded in your moment. Allow more oxygen to your brain as you reconnect with yourself through your breathing.

Observe. Notice what is happening in your mind and body. Just observe, without judgment – without qualifying anything as good or bad. Just allow yourself to notice your experience.

Proceed. Move forward from this point with your best course of action. With more balance and clarity, proceed in a way that helps you feel well. You remain in the driver’s seat of your experience, no longer driven by your thoughts and emotions.

Proceed from this moment to the next, more centered and grounded.

Photo by Kelvin Valerio

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