Inner Renovations Project

Form a New Relationship with your Mind and Body

You may have noticed change in many areas of your life. Living on planet Earth over the past year or two may have shifted your perceptions and beliefs in one way or another. It can be helpful to explore the validity of certain deeply held beliefs to determine if they still fit who you are and want to be. This means determining if your current way of living actually reflects your values and what’s important to you at this stage in life.

Questions may include:

  • Who am I and what is my place in the world?
  • What makes me feel happy, healthy and whole?
  • How do I identify and accomplish my goals?
  • …and more…

This self-exploration can include more in-depth questions about what needs to be modified so you can experience more harmony within yourself and with others.

Discovery of such answers takes time and patience. Sometimes with helpful guides and sometimes in the quietude of your meditations. It is what personal discovery, honest self-examination, and spiritual quests are made of. But there is an easy first step.

Make the decision to form a new relationship with your mind and body.

This very act, though seemingly small, means you are acknowledging an important key in your self-discovery and wellness journey. You are empowered in knowing “I am not my mind (my thoughts, cognitions, emotions, etc.), and I am not my body (the vehicle in which I experience this life).”

This acknowledgement puts you in position to form a more accurate relationship with both. You can now observe the workings of the mind and live in awareness of the body’s movements through time and space.

You are the awareness, the observer of the experience.

If, at times, you feel overwhelmed by what is happening in your mind or struggle with perceptions of your body, it can be helpful to:

INHALE your attention back into yourself. Noticing the way the breath feels coming into the tip of your nose.

EXHALE slowly while imagining tension melting away from your muscles.

INHALE: “I am in loving relationship with my mind and body.”

EXHALE: “I am not my mind, I am not my body.”

Repeat this round of paced breathing while affirming those helpful reminders to yourself.

It is true you are not mind or body; you HAVE a mind and a body. So, in relation to mind and body, who are you? Have a great day, you beautiful Spirit.

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