Inner Renovations Project

Unique and Not Alone

The nights get long and the days take more strength to get through than it sometimes feels like you have. You wonder how things got to this point and if they will ever get better again. No one knows what is on your mind. If they did, they might worry. And the last thing you want is for someone to have more worries than you notice they’re already dealing with. So you keep it to yourself – maybe hoping, maybe praying that something will shift in your life and you get to experience it fully, freely, and happily either again or for the first time.

You are not alone.

The nights may feel lonely. And you may feel isolated in the day, whether in a crowd or by yourself. You remember how to smile, so you do it when you can. You know what love is, so you try to send it out in hopes that it comes back to you tenfold. You have a glimmer of hope, so you read and listen and try to chat about life-giving things that get you to the next moment.

Your experiences are as unique as your fingerprint; and you are not alone in your moment of trying to make it to the next. Your fingerprint is yours alone, but the hands of others who can relate to you on similar levels have their own unique fingerprints too. Different and similar at the same time. Unique and able to relate at the same time. That is who you are journeying with, in those crowds when you think you’re alone. There are others, who just like you, don’t want to be a bother and don’t want to cause worry.

I am reminding you, don’t worry. You are not alone. It is not a bother to find out you are human, having a heavy experience and making your way to restoration, salvation, and light.

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