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Connect with a Peaceful Moment in Time

Think about a time in your life where everything was okay. You looked around and the sky seemed a little brighter, the air felt cleaner, and for that moment you were just grateful to be alive. When you connect to that memory, try to think of everything that made the moment special. Engage all of your senses to remember the way it looked, smelled, felt and sounded. Say to yourself “I am okay in this moment. Peace and joy are within me.

The purpose of the exercise is to connect with a resource that you already have stored in the archives of your mind. You retrieve the pleasant memory of a time that you experienced Personal Peace & Joy, and work with it in a way that refreshes its clarity and is more accessible to you when you need it most.

When might you need to consciously connect to that vision of a peaceful and joyful moment? When you are feeling it’s opposite: overwhelmed, anxious, sad, stressed, or any other unwanted inner experience. You can practice changing the channel in your mind by turning your attention to your selected moment in time.

Remember how your Peaceful and Joyful moment





and Tastes

if you can involve all 5 senses!

You have more ability to regulate your emotions than you may be aware of right now. It takes some practice to observe how you are feeling then apply skills you learn to shift things in a more positive direction. Be sure to practice Connect with a Peaceful Moment when things feel okay for you, so that you are already familiar with calling up that vision during more challenging times.

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