DBT Skills Training

DBT Skills Training is but one component of the extensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy process and is not considered DBT itself.  It is the very useful Skills Training that is a part of it which consists of Four Main Modules:

The full scale evidence-based approach was pioneered by Dr. Marsha Linehan for BPD clients and has since been proven to be effective for many other conditions.

It is important to note skills are not being shared on this site for the purpose of treating a condition, nor am I making any recommendations for use to any person not in my care. If you are in my care, information on this resource site does not replace therapeutic service and should be used for reference purposes, to support the work we are doing in person.

These are skills that many people can benefit from who seek more control over their emotions, ability to tolerate stress better, live more mindfully, and have better social interactions.  Can we ever have too many skills in our toolbox to live happier and more balanced lives?

Foundational DBT Skills principles are found on this main page. You will find the other skills on their individual pages by click their associated links.

Dialectical Thinking Principles


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Core Mindfulness

Emotion Regulation

Distress Tolerance

Interpersonal Effectiveness


Download your free DBT Skills Training Log below. It contains the set of skills from each of the 4 Modules. Use it as a reference between sessions and be prepared to share what worked vs. challenged you.