Inner Renovations Project, Poetry & Musings


the saddle became uncomfortable. ride was long, not to mention lonely. and the beast itself constantly needed to be fed. I never arrived where I was going and it was hard to smell the flowers with my nose up in the air. so I swung my leg over and prepared for the mile long dismount.… Continue reading dismount.

Inner Renovations Project

A Good Time for New Perspective of You

I wonder if someday I will find out that everything I think I am, the truth is, I am just the opposite.  It is interesting to consider the physiology of the body  where the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa; and how everything that we see… Continue reading A Good Time for New Perspective of You

Inner Renovations Project

Preparing For Game Day

You stare at yourself in the mirror intensely as you lean over the sink in the bathroom at your office. Is that sweat on your forehead? Yes it is. Your heart is beating faster and you realize this is a slight anxiety attack just before you have to give a presentation to your administrators. Although… Continue reading Preparing For Game Day