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Free From the Blame Game

BLAME is an interesting tool that works two ways. On one end it can be pointed towards others to shift responsibility away from yourself. The other end can be turned on yourself to take responsibility for things that aren’t your fault.

Inner Renovations Project

Nothing to Fear

It is too much energy to be afraid.  Hiding from others, hiding from our problems, and hiding from ourselves is exhausting work.  When we think about it, what is so intimidating about facing reality?  The worst thing that can happen to us is that we expose our vulnerabilities; the best thing that can happen to… Continue reading Nothing to Fear

Inner Renovations Project

Speaking With a Spoon Full of Sugar

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.  We’ve heard this all our lives, yet we still attempt to get what we want by making demands, using guilt trips, and expressing ourselves in a manipulative manner as if that is going to consistently get us what we want in life.  Maybe it works… Continue reading Speaking With a Spoon Full of Sugar

Inner Renovations Project

Important Components to Discovering Our Purpose and Self

Wouldn’t we like to be at a place in our development where no matter what happens around us we are able to maintain a state of peace and balance? This is a possibility for us, through knowing who we are, what we are capable of and devoting ourselves to a daily practice of prayer and… Continue reading Important Components to Discovering Our Purpose and Self

Inner Renovations Project

What Have You Done For You Lately

We work overtime for others ~ attending to their needs, paying attention to what is important to them, trying to figure out what we can do to make their worlds a better place to be. But when it comes to giving that same love, affection & attention to ourselves it is often put on the… Continue reading What Have You Done For You Lately

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yesterday I wouldn't have thought twice about what you thought of me. but it seems I've grown a concern of some sort. one that inspires reflection on my words and examination of my thoughts. concern about how our interactions affect you. you see, I do care. regardless of what I say, or what it seems.… Continue reading careful.

Inner Renovations Project

How Do You Let Go of Someone You Want?

There seems to be a misconception that relationships are only supposed to end if interest is lost or the love is gone. It is obvious it's over in those cases and breaking up is a no-brainer. But what about those times when the love is still there? The desire is still strong, but the person… Continue reading How Do You Let Go of Someone You Want?